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What Is Lupus?

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Lupus is quite a common ailment, despite the fact it was once classed as a rare disease. However, there have been more documented cases surrounding lupus and it’s truly a disease which is difficult to diagnose. That is one reason why lupus was once a rare disease as it wasn’t always simple to spot the signs. However, for most, they’ve heard of lupus but don’t really know what it is. So, what is lupus and how can it affect the body today? check this out!

Understanding Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune system disease. Lupus can in fact affect the body in a variety of methods and many can struggle to manage it effectively in their daily lives. However, it can affect the brain, blood vessels, the lungs and kidneys, the heart and even the skin. Lupus can also affect the joints within the body and it currently doesn’t have any cure to speak of. This has really become a challenging condition for patients and doctors alike as they can often struggle to deal with it effectively.

How Does It Cause Trouble for the Body?

Within the immune system, there are healthy cells and it’s these which play a crucial role in keeping the body fit and healthy. When bacteria try to invade the body, the immune system fights the attack off and keeps the body safe. However, with lupus, it has the opposite reaction. The immune system goes after the healthy cells believing they are the danger to the body and in a way—the immune is attacking the body. The immune system can cause the degrading of healthy tissues and bring on more inflammation. Organs can be damaged in the process also. It’s truly a difficult condition to live with. visit us on

What Are The Symptoms?

restingIn truth, symptoms vary considerably. Some experience minor irritation to the body while many others get dozens of symptoms at any one time. It’s one major reason as to why it has become difficult to diagnose lupus. Some documented symptoms can include swollen joints, headaches, fatigue, an unknown fever, a rash to the skin, and even hair loss. Some others have reported having depression, anemia, and even kidney problems. There are truly many various symptoms and it’s troublesome to say the least. Symptoms don’t always present themselves and for some, they don’t recognize them or visit a doctor. It’s really troubling but that’s the severity of lupus.

Dealing with Lupus

It’s hard to live with lupus as there is no current cure for it but that doesn’t mean to say a doctor cannot manage it. If you believe you have lupus it’s important to talk to your doctor and get the condition diagnosed and quickly. Every little helps and when you know what the problem is, you can almost rest knowing it even though it’s not the news you want. Lupus does affect the immune system so it’s not going to be an easy condition to manage but it doesn’t have to stop you living your life. Get diagnosed.…

Facts about Lupus

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When you’re feeling unwell, do you think about the possibility of having lupus? This is certainly a tricky condition and one that affects many today. However, since this is a difficult condition to diagnose, a lot of people fail to recognize it. It’s a scary thought but lupus can affect anyone and it’s not always too easy to spot either. Read on to find out a few simple facts about lupus today.

It’s A Common Condition

Lupus affects over a million people in the US alone and it’s said that a further five million throughout the world currently are affected by it. That is such a staggering number and this was once thought of as a rare disease but, in truth, it’s not. Lupus is quite a common condition as it affects millions globally and there is no amount of money that’ll make it go away. It’s a lottery almost because anyone can have the condition. However, advances in medicine have really been welcomed and it has allowed more doctors to diagnose and treat lupus early despite there not being a cure as yet.

Who is Affected?

Despite the fact that Lupus can affect anyone, it’s said there are more women who suffer from it. What’s more, it’s more likely for patients to be between the ages of 15 and 45 to 50. However, this autoimmune disease is a chronic condition and there isn’t a cure for it which makes more people a lot more skeptical and worried. For the most part, lupus as can managed and there are days when there is no apparent flare up in the condition. However, this can vary from person to person. Some have great days and don’t have to worry too much about the condition, while others have very bad days. It varies. Take a look at some pointers from

What Does Lupus Do?

fatigueYour immune system is responsible for keeping your healthy. When bad bacteria enter the body, it looks at attacking the healthy cells causing you to become sick. Usually, the body fights back against the bacteria and prevents cold and other ailments from taking hold. However, lupus acts very differently within the body. The immune system instead attacks the good and healthy cells as it believes that is the risk and causes the body to get sick. Organs and healthy tissue can also be attacked. It truly is a difficult condition to deal with and it’s not always easy either, even when under the care of a doctor.

You Are Not Alone

When someone is first diagnosed with lupus, they can become very scared and panic as they believe it’s a death sentence. It’s a scary time but you have to remember you are not alone. There are millions of others like you who have lupus and are seeking treatment. This is your best course of action as treatment will be the only real way to manage it. Yes, lupus can affect your life but it doesn’t have to destroy it entirely. Talk to a doctor and get the help you need.…

Extreme Fatigue – Cause and Effect

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Have you felt tired during the day because of a bad night’s sleep? You are not alone in this but there are major differences between feeling a bit tired and extreme fatigue. For millions, they feel tired on a daily basis but there comes a point when extreme fatigue is the underlying cause. When this happens, it can be quite a serious condition and something that must be addressed quickly. Fatigue is a nightmare because it can change your very life and without help, it may only get worse. Read top article!

What Can Cause Extreme Fatigue?

For most, extreme fatigue is down to an underlying medical condition and once that is treated, the fatigue can fix itself in a sense. However, if you have anemia or are prone to blood problems then you are more likely to experience extreme fatigue. Lung and heart disease is also another problem that can cause extreme fatigue and diabetes can also bring on extreme fatigue. These medical conditions can be, of course, bad and bring on extreme fatigue in a major way. It’s a very problematic issue and one which millions are facing on a daily basis.

What Effects Can Extreme Fatigue?

Let’s say you were once an active person who ran a mile a day and dealt with a dozen different errands. Well, this could be reversed. You might find you’re far too tired to jog for more than a few minutes at any one time and might struggle to get off the sofa and do some productive. What’s more, your muscles can become very tired and weaker which can become a major problem in your everyday life. Extreme fatigue can affect the body in many awful ways and it’s important to get help quickly to prevent it from getting worse and causing even more damage to the body.

Dealing with Extreme Fatigue

stressTo be honest, we all get tired from time to time and feel fatigued but there is a point where it’s constant and that can become a real concern. Fatigue can cause people to feel unable to do the basic things such as walk to the local shopping center or even make their way upstairs! It’s a major problem and one that isn’t going away any time soon. That is why you need to deal with extreme fatigue and find an effective treatment. You should talk to your doctor and find a way to overcome this—it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Get the Help You Need

Currently, there are millions dealing with extreme fatigue but most of them are under the care of a doctor. Usually, this occurs when there is an underlying medical condition and, once you treat it, the fatigue can slowly but surely go away on its own. Fatigue is not always the easiest condition to deal with as it can make you feel unable to have the motivation to get up and do something positive! However, once you get the help you need, extreme fatigue doesn’t have to be such an issue for you. Don’t be afraid to seek help today and treat this condition from…