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Extreme fatigue – cause and effect

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Do you feel tired during the day because you had a bad night’s sleep? You are not alone in this but there are major differences between feeling a bit tired and extreme fatigue. Most people feel tired on a daily basis but there comes a point when extreme fatigue is the underlying cause. When this happens, it can be quite a serious condition and something that must be addressed quickly. Fatigue is a nightmare because it can change your very life and without help, it may only get worse.

What can cause extreme fatigue?

For most, extreme fatigue is down to an underlying medical condition and once that is treated, the fatigue can also be fixed. However, if you have anemia or are prone to blood problems then you are more likely to experience extreme fatigue. Lung and heart disease is also another problem that can cause extreme fatigue, as well as diabetes. These major medical conditions can definitely cause extreme fatigue and can lead to more pressing problems and illnesses.

What are the effects of extreme fatigue

Let’s say you were once an active person who ran a mile a day and dealt with a dozen different errands. Well, this could change enormously in the presence of fatigue. You might find you’re far too tired to jog for more than a few minutes at any one time and might struggle to get off from the sofa and do something productive. What’s more, your muscles can become very tired and weaker than usual, which can ultimately become a major problem in your everyday life. Hence, it is important to get help quickly to prevent it from getting worse and cause even more damage to the body.

Dealing with extreme fatigue

To be honest, we all get tired from time to time and feel fatigued. There comes a point, however, when the fatigue is constant and difficult to manage and become a real concern. Extreme fatigue can cause people to feel that they are unable to do the basic things such as walk to the local shopping center or even make their way up a flight of stairs! It’s a major problem and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. That is why you need to deal with extreme fatigue and find an effective remedy for it. You should talk to your doctor and find a way to overcome this— coping with it will be easier with the help of a professional.

Get the help you need

Currently, there are millions of people dealing with extreme fatigue and most of them are under the care of a doctor. Usually, this occurs when there is an underlying medical condition and once you treat it, the fatigue can slowly but surely go away on its own. Fatigue can be that easy to deal with, and yet it can be the hardest. You may lose the motivation to get up and do something positive. However, once you get the help you need, extreme fatigue doesn’t have to be such an issue for you. Don’t be afraid to seek help today.