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My Child Has Lupus

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“I’d rather suffer the pain myself rather than seeing him in pain.”


“Please, I’ll do everything just make him well.”


These are every parents’ cry whenever they see their children suffering even from even the slightest fever.   What more if you learn that your child is suffering from a chronic disease like lupus.  It’s traumatic psychologically and emotionally. Parents of lupus patients struggle upon hearing the news from the doctor.



What is lupus?

Lupus is a is a chronic condition where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive.   The immune system then is unable to tell the difference between antigens (a substance capable of stimulating the immune response) thus attacking normal and healthy tissue.  A person with lupus suffers from many different symptoms like swelling and inflammation affecting the joints, damaging the skin, blood, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and other internal organs.


How to prepare yourself as a parent?

It’s devastating to hear that your child has lupus.  It pains and breaks you, but you have to be stronger than you think you are.   You don’t only prepare yourself for the challenges it poses but be prepared to face your child with courage.  You are going to be his source of strength.


Now more than ever is the time to be in constant communication with your significant others and seek support from friends and family.  There are support groups you can join to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  You can listen to their stories and see how they are coping as well.   Sometimes just to have someone to listen to you makes a big difference.   Don’t keep it all to yourself.   It will lighten your load and will help you think clearly and positively.



If you have any questions in your mind, be open to your doctor.  It will help you understand lupus better and make you accept the changes it will bring to your family.


Time will come when things will seem too much to handle.  It’s okay, take a break, go for a walk, take a breath of fresh air.  Never forget to take care of yourself for you and your child.


As a parent, no matter how hard, no matter how hurting, you should always keep your head up all time.


How To Tell Your Kid?

Breaking the news to your child is one of the most challenging stages.  Talk to your child in a way he will understand considering his age, level of activity, and degree of maturity.  Let’s face it; life is just starting to shine on them.


  • Consider what his reactions would be.
  • Consider talking to him with his doctor around. The doctor can provide answers to possible questions your child might raise.
  • Be sure there is always an open communication between the two of you. Hiding things will only worsen how the child feels.
  • Talk to him in a way that he will understand.
  • Encourage him that the treatment he is undergoing is for his benefit and the lifestyle changes that may happen.



Assure your child that you are always there for him.  Encourage him by saying positive things,

“You can do this.”

“It will be good for you.”

“You’re here with us is what’s important.”

“Take this opportunity to find ways to enjoy living your life as long as it will not cause a flare up.”


Never fail to assure him that no matter what, you’ll just be there.  Lupus maybe life threatening but it is not the end of life.  Always remember you are your child’s first source of strength and encouragement.